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Ocean52, born to protect the ocean, now Certified B Corp™

Ocean52 was founded with a clear mission: To change a polluting industry into an industry that makes a positive impact — good for people and good for the planet. Hence the name Ocean52, we believe in protecting the ocean all 52 weeks of the year and we allocate 52% of our profits to that end.

 This commitment must be transparent, it must be measurable and it must follow high standards of excellence. That is what it means to have the accreditation of a Certified B Corporation, the recognition of the highest level in social and environmental performance, transparency and business responsibility.

Today we become part of the B Corp community. These companies are committed to being good for society and good for the planet, but even more importantly, they are determined to constantly improve.

We will continue working to have a minimal impact on our processes and products, as we have done so far, betting on eternally recyclable materials and prioritizing local production.

 We will continue to motivate all our suppliers to become actors of change, our customers to help us raise awareness about the ocean, our team to lead by example and our ambassadors of the ocean to be part of the company.

 We will continue to measure and communicate honestly. We will communicate the actual recyclability of our packaging following the methodology developed by Driade and the UNESCO Chair on Climate Change and Life Cycle.

 We will continue to defend responsible consumption such as recommending drinking tap water as the first option before drinking canned water.

 But above all, we will continue to develop a business with a positive impact, allocating 52% of the profits to protecting the ocean, because we believe that only by considering the planet as your greatest partner can we fulfill our mission.

 Born to lead a positive impact.

About the B Corp™ movement and the Certified B Corporations

B Lab is a non-profit organization that is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. As a leader in systemic change to a new economy, our global network creates standards, policies and tools for businesses, and certifies those companies that, known as B Corp, are leading this path.

B Corp™ are for-profit companies that use the power of business to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy and that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency and corporate responsibility.

As of today, there are nearly 4,000 B Corps™ in more than 150 industries and 74 countries around the world.