Environmental Policy – GENERAL PRINCIPLES 

Ocean52 is committed to devote 52% of the benefits to ocean protection. In addition to the resources allocated to protection, cleaning and raising awareness on general population, Ocean52 wants to be an example of environmentally responsible company  trying to minimize any impact on the environment.

Ocean52 has joined the United Nations Global Pact and puts special emphasis on working towards achieving the following SDGs:

3 – Health and well-being
12 – Responsible consumption and production
13 – Climate action
14 – Life below water
17 – Partnerships to achieve the objectives

These 5 SDGs are developed in 4 pillars:

1) Healthy food habits

2) Responsible management of the entire supply chain

3) Protection of the oceans

4) Alliances  and partnerships

Ocean52 is aware that any business activity has a social and environmental impact and works to make it as positive as possible minimizing the risks of generating a negative impact.


The Ocean52 management board is committed to:

  1. Comply with all current legislation and regulations on environmental matters.
  2. Control and reduce the environmental impact of our operations and those of our suppliers.
  3. Control the use of natural resources.
  4. Design packaging that facilitates circular economy.
  5. Prevent and control pollution, through the use of good practices and materials or products that help prevent or reduce it.
  6. Reduce carbon footprint of our activities.

Implementation of this environmental policy will be carried out at all levels through its communication to all Ocean52 and external staff, as well as to all interested parties and general public.

A set of environmental objectives, procedures, as well as an annual review plan will be established by management board to ensure compliance.

Barcelona, 2019 December 28th