We are The Beach Cleaners®

Cleaning beaches of their plastic makes a difference.

A peaceful army of ocean lovers

A community
working for the ocean.

Why The Beach Cleaners ?

A call from the ocean

  • 8 million tons of plastic dumped in the ocean every year.
  • Because we believe that each of us can have a positive impact on protecting the oceans.
  • Because it raises awareness of single-use plastic pollution.
  • By 2050 more plastic than fishes in the ocean if we do nothing.

Who are The Beach Cleaners ?

An army of ocean lovers

  • THE BEACH CLEANERS is a community of ocean lovers dedicated to organize beach clean ups. We provide beach cleaning tools to our participants. That includes material and educational guide. We collect the datas from those clean ups and communicate our actions.

Yes, beach cleaning makes a difference.

What is the mission of The Beach Cleaners® ?

Provide beach cleaning tools to participants. It ranges from materials to guides on how to do it right.
Consolidate the data collected by each participant.

We have an expertise in creating exclusive high quality content about the ocean with our ambassadors.

We are the beach cleaners,
A peaceful army of ocean lovers.
To the ones thinking that our mission is pointless,
We say that each individual that joins us,
Understand better how our consumption habits affect the ocean,
How each of us has the power to make a difference, to consume better.
And every of these beach cleaners becomes an ocean ambassador, spreading the word, educating his/her peers.
We are the beach cleaners and we take pride by doing this dirty job.
Doing this keeps us humble and aware.
Doing this makes us being part of a community that grows everyday.
Doing this DOES make a difference.
We are the beach cleaners and you are welcome!

Activist, surf club, school, restaurant, or ocean lover...
Join the movement now!

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