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latas de aluminio


Any industrial process has an impact on the environment and that is why at ocean52 we strive to minimize our impact. We know that there is no perfect packaging and that is why, as written on our cans, we invite you to drink tap water whenever possible. But we also know that sometimes you need bottled water and it is on those occasions that our product offers you a more ocean-friendly solution.


Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without losing quality.


Aluminum can be eternally recycled because it doesn’t lose its quality during the process.  It is a wonderful metal that can be recycled infinitely with extraordinary characteristics of lightness, flexibility and resistance that you can also find on the facade of the Empire State Building, in the chassis of a Ferrari, on satellites or in the case of your iPhone.  So every time you recycle a can, think about what it can become, maybe the can you just drank was the wing of an airplane in its previous life, who knows?


It takes 60 days on average for a can to return to supermarket shelves from entering the recycling system.


The journey of a can. You just hydrated by drinking a can of No Plastic Water. You are one of those who have joined the change for a better planet and a clean ocean, so you put your can in the recycling container. The truck picks up your can and takes it to a sorting center where they separate all the aluminum and take it to an aluminum recovery plant that re-melts it to produce aluminum coils with which another can will be manufactured again. All this process only in 60 days! And what is ever more important, recycling this can has reduced the amount of energy required to obtain a new can by 95%.


proceso de reciclaje latas de aluminio


75% of the aluminium extracted in history is still in use today.


Aluminum was discovered at the end of 19th century. The construction and automotive sectors recycle more than 90% of the aluminum they use. Other sectors such as beverage packaging still have lower recycling rates although aluminum cans are the most recycled beverage container. Aluminum is a very precious material but recovering it will depend on the design of the container and the recycling systems. For example, in an eco-designed packaging such as cans, its recycling rate already exceeds 75% in Europe. This is not the case for the aluminum contained in other packaging designs that make difficult its recovery.


The recycling process uses 95% less energy than manufacturing a new one.


Aluminium is available in nature in the form of bauxite, a mineral mainly made up of aluminium oxide but which requires an extraction process to obtain aluminium oxide with the degree of purity necessary for use in industry. This entire extraction process accounts for 95% of the energy needs of the aluminium production process. That is why its recycling has great environmental advantages. If we could recycle all the aluminium we use, we would achieve a circular economy process with 95% less energy consumption. Thanks for recycling your can! Keep the cycle going! #everycancounts


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