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For many years, a global issue threatening our ocean has been in the spotlight: plastic pollution. With Ocean52, we’ve shared solutions to tackle it and we’ve even made one of them the core of our business: the ocean52 aluminium cans.

Plastic pollution is for sure, a world problem that needs to be addressed at all levels. And we want to thank you for listening, cooperating and acting alongside us to reduce our negative impact on this planet.

But we need to go further. We can’t talk about reducing our negative impact on what surrounds us without addressing the biggest issues out there, also waiting to be tackled.

Let’s face it, we are currently facing the greatest challenge our generations have had to deal with. We are currently experiencing a global climate and biodiversity crisis, and our survival and that of millions of other species are threatened. And there is no doubt, that we – humans – are entirely responsible for it.

The Earth is crying. Droughts, floods and other extreme events are increasing, sea level is rising, ice is melting, species are going extinct, natural resources are vanishing, people are losing their home and world-leading scientists are ringing the alarm bell again, again and again … But are we really listening?

The situation is critical. Although anxiety, anger and sadness have their place and are fully legitimate, there is no time for them to dominate over our hope, commitment and cooperation. Rather, let’s gather our “negative” emotions and feelings and let’s transform them into a global force, powerful enough to create intelligent and impactful actions.

As a business, we have the responsibility to act and use our popularity to activate change at all levels: within the structure of our business, among employees and with our clients, but also with the general public, from kids to adults, scrolling their social media feed and reading our posts, or joining us for a beach clean.

From now on, we want to inform you about plastic pollution and more. We want to talk to you about all the different important threats that are damaging our ocean and the living world within it, from climate change to overfishing.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it true to ourselves. We will always share solutions that exist and that are put in place for each of these problems. As much as we think it is crucial that everyone knows more about all these threats, we also truly believe that providing tangible actions to tackle them is a necessity.

Everywhere in the world, leaders are tackling the emergency. Not necessarily political leaders – they are yet to show us what they can do – but leaders like you and us, within society, within the industry, who are putting in place concrete solutions which need to be heard, spread and developed.

So, from now on, we’ll be sharing global issues threatening our ocean as well as the solutions that exist to tackle them. And we will be adding other topics to the one of plastic pollution, so you can have a better, holistic understanding of the situation we are in, and all the tools you need to respond to it.

We hope that you will find in these posts and articles a source of inspiration, education and hope that will help you to steer into these uncertain times.