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Last wednesday, May 15th, 2021, the third activation of the Terra Project took place.

Terra Project: Stand Up Paddle experience” hosted a comprehensive agenda focused on enjoying and protecting the ocean.

On a sunny spring wednesday in Barcelona participants took their paddle boards to the cleaner than usual Barceloneta shores. A beautiful summerish day for a highly motivated group of young girls and guys eager for some water time.

Surprisingly there was not much floating waste found so the group headed to the Jetty where they could see a large amount of single use plastics, cristal bottles, hygienic face masks, and a lots of trash in between the rocks.

Back on land, the local ocean conservation organizations Oceanogami and Anèl·lides hosted a debrief on the kind of waste collected, where is it coming from, how long it takes to degrade and the best practices to individually reduce waste. A total of 7Kg of waste was collected mostly being single use takeaway food packaging, cigarrette butts and small plastic items such as bottle caps and ear sticks.

Avoiding disposable plastics and increasing our use of biodegradable resources is crucial for our oceans. Ocean plastic can persist in sea surface waters, eventually accumulating in remote areas of the world’s oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the world’s biggest ocean waste repository, with 1.8 billion pieces of floating plastic. 

New adventures, different terrains and great learnings are ahead. During 2021, the Terra Project will host a series of Outdoor Experiences and Ocean Talks willing to revolutionise our relationship with nature. So keep an eye on our social media.