Scholarships to
young ocean ambassadors.

Future generations are our hopes for the recovery and protection of our planet.

Thirteen scholarships for young people from the Galapagos Islands community.

At the hands of our ambassador, Dr Pelayo Salinas, we have awarded 13 scholarships to young people from the Galapagos Islands community who act as ambassadors for the ocean and whose role is paramount among the new generations to ensure the preservation of the marine environment and the nature of one of the most important marine reserves in the ocean’s resilience to climate change.

Scholarships to two participants in the Vies Braves works on the Costa Brava

In collaboration with our Ambassador Miquel Sunyer, we have granted funds to two participants in July 2019 for the training of young people in knowledge and protection of the marine environment.

Workshops in

schools and to families.

Making the wonders of the ocean known is the best way to love it and therefore to decide to protect it.

We believe it is essential to send a message to younger people about the importance of responsible consumption and habits that help us protect the ocean.

In 2019, we have reached more than 2800 children through various collaborations with ocean and environmental experts.
In collaboration with the Marinada de Cambrils, we have developed a workshop on marine debris and good habits to take in order to prevent pollution of the oceans.
This workshop is taught in 15 schools in Spain today.

As part of our collaboration with the Institute of Ocean Sciences – CSIC, Ocean52 has made possible the project “Exploring the Oceans. Immersion in a submarine: in the darkness there is also life”, which consists of showing a vision of the depths within a submarine. This project was viewed by 450 children in schools and 210 more people in family workshops, including 60 boys and girls admitted with their families to the Vall d’Hebron Children’s Hospital.

Broadcasting on

social networks.

We seek to be the link between our community and the scientific community to promote a strong message about ocean protection.

That’s why, since the beginning of our activity, we have signed a collaborative agreement with the Institute of Ocean Sciences – CSIC to bring scientific knowledge about the wonders of the ocean to our community. We have published 52 relevant ocean data through our social networks and events.

Similarly, through the collaboration of our ambassador, Dr. Pelayo Salinas de León, we are providing knowledge on definitive solutions to the preservation of the oceans and marine protected areas.